One Love One Heart Yoga
50 Main St East Beeton Ontario                        Call us: 905-729-9021
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Regina Armstrong 
 One Love One Heart Yoga is special place to learn about the practice of yoga on and off the mat.  I have been a student since 2010 and enjoy all the teachers and classes at the studio.....its truly a great space.  Namaste 
One Love One Heart Yoga Clients
Kirsty Dixon 
As you step in the door of One Love One Heart yoga studio you can’t help but feel the positive energy. Everyone is welcome and classes are filled with smiles, laughter and great music playlists. Classes are small with an individual focus on alignment & personal growth.
One Love One Heart is a true jewel within Beeton. 

OneloveOneheart Yoga Studio has become my second home...small group classes, warm atmosphere, no egos or judgements here and that's what makes this place so special. Everyone is supportive no matter what level you are at, what age you are...we're all here together to practice, ground our thoughts, stretch out bodies and enjoy.  The owner of the studio Cathy Clark is a natural as an instructor. Her relaxed sense of humour and ability to give a little "nudge" or slow things down, when needed..makes a big difference...there's no pressure here

This is the best gift I have ever given myself.
Susan Auld

​Sharon Vincent Stretton 2014  YTT Graduate 2018
One Love One Heart Yoga in Beeton is set in an intimate embracing space where you always feel welcome.  We are so privileged to have such an amazing studio in a small town where we can indulge in some self-care.   Cathy makes a point of going out of her way to ensure you have a great experience and always with a laugh.  I am grateful to be part of this studio and everyone in it!

Jacynta Burgess 
I decided to start my yoga journey at One Love One Heart Yoga. While I was nervous to start something new and intimidated about not "fitting in", Cathy and the environment quickly dispelled all of those feelings. The studio is small, the classes are intimate, and each session is filled with nothing but good vibes. The instructors go at the pace of the attendees comfort but also help you challenge yourself by doing new poses and assist you with alternative ways if you're not quite there yet. As a beginner yogi, I'm so grateful to have found this studio and be learning from such positive and knowledgeable people."

Mony Masterson
 Tried other yoga studios in the past but never felt like they were the right 'fit" for me. I'm not very flexible at all so I figured yoga wasn't for me. About a year ago I decided to give yoga one more try and attended a class at One Heart One Love. I felt different right away. The teachers, although all unique, share the same qualities of non-judgement, acceptance, and a desire to help everyone enjoy the benefits of yoga regardless of ability. I couldn't wait until I could come back for another class. I've been a member ever since that first class and I go to as many classes as I can each week. Yoga makes me feel so peaceful and strong at the same time. One Heart One Love is like a second home to me. The meditation classes are wonderful too!"
Kim Brett
I love the small town atmosphere of this studio. Cathy always encourages you to try something different and learn to expand your capabilities. All levels feel welcome and non judgemental.
Jessica D'Arrigo  YTT Graduate 2015
I was brand new to yoga when I signed up at Cathy's studio in 2010. After the first class I knew I found a special thing that would change my life. That was 8 years ago and my entire life transformed since then. I also took my yoga teacher's training 3 years back now through One Love On Heart and that was an experience I recommend everyone to take, even if like me, you have no intention of becoming a yoga teacher. This was the largest positive life transformation I have ever experienced and I can say it left me happy and humble. For anyone looking to see some positive change in their lives, this is the studio to begin your journey!
Jen Johnston   YTT Graduate 2015
2012 I moved from the Toronto to New Tecumseth.  I met Cathy  and attended her classes and found her to be such an inspiring and welcoming yoga teacher that I quickly became a regular student of the studio. She makes everyone feel that  the studio is their second home. Not long afterwards, I was thrilled to be able to encourage and request that Cathy offer a  Yoga Teacher training session as yoga had quickly become a major part of my life. Cathy was not only an inspiration, but quickly became a good friend and kindred soul. I can sincerely say that being part of the yoga studio has changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful for the fate of the universe that brought us together. 
Sue Zylski 
I  went to yoga to find flexibility; because I went to One Love One Heart Yoga, I found flexibility, friendship and a wonderful sense of community!

Ginny Kinsella YTT Graduate 2015
 2013 I attended One Love One Heart Yoga not to take a Yoga Class but to take a learn to run/yoga workshop. I had recently quit smoking, lost my mother to cancer and had gained a lot of weight. What better way to lose weight then run. As it turned out I didn’t like the running part at all but fell in love with Yoga. I became Cathy’s student and didn’t miss very many days. I couldn’t get enough, I loved how my body and mind felt when I was practicing. After I started taking yoga we had a horrible house flood that left my family homeless for 9 months. My new home became the studio. It became my home away from home. A place where I felt safe. It’s where I could go and not worry about anything. A year later I decided to take YTT. Never with any attention to actually teach, I did it for my self. Self discovery, to help make my practice stronger. Never underestimate yourself when it comes to yoga. Because that also didn’t turn out how I thought it would.  I am a Yoga Teacher now currently sharing the Yoga Journey with students.    

 Pat Callun 
I  joined the classes in Beeton Summer 2018 and I have been doing yoga for 20 years I so look forward to your class Cathy as are one of the very best yoga teachers that I have ever had...consistent, fun, you enjoy it also teaching the class, kind at corrections/adjustments...what else can I say?