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About One Love One Heart Yoga
Beginners Yoga 
This class is great for a student new to yoga or looking to come back to  very basic yoga postures and works well if you have been away from the mat for some time.  Basic Postures and flow with focus on the breath and alignment 
Warm Heart Yoga   *do you adore your core*
This class focuses on the natural vibration of heat by holding and breathing into a pose.   Music playlists and fun vibrations exuberate in each class thus leaving you with a sense of being alive and vibrant......core asana is the focus

Let It Go Flow:  
This class is an energizing class that will increase your energy and fulfill your need to move your body and connect with the breath through out each asana allowing you to immerse deeper and let go in this lively and vibrant active class' 
Yoga For Everyone 
This class is suitable for beginners or students that require a more gentle approach on the Yoga mat. 
Breath work and relaxation are the key elements in the class providing you with a moderate physical asana practice with simple yoga sequencing. 
Therapeutic Yoga 
This class maintains the vibe that is slow and focused....allowing students with illness, injury, or other limitations the ability to practice yoga in a safe environment ...allowing the student to practice yoga at their own pace with lots of modifications if needed.....utilizing props and meditation. 
Prenatal Yoga 
These classes are designed to take you from the early weeks into the final weeks of pregnancy focusing on you  and your baby ....Jessica guides these classes.....sharing weekly all the information related to having your baby and keeping you toned and relaxed for the birth. 
New To Yoga   
A great class to enhance your weekly practice with the owner of the studio This class offers a great variety of  energetic yoga postures that will aid you to bring you new energy and increased self awareness each week  Who knows you could be amazed at what you can do :) in this class
Kids Yoga  Tweens Yoga 
offering pre-registered sessions through out the fall to spring season.....Rainbow Kids Graduate Teachers filled and a great opportunity for Kids to get their Yoga on 
Yoga For Round Bodies  aka Curvy Plus Size Yoga
This class is a specialized class providing a safe space to practice yoga  as it may be intimadating coming to a regular class.  Emphasis is on providing an opportunity for the  the larger student to experience the benefits of yoga and modifications required for a larger body. 
These classes are great for beginners new to yoga or with a few friends or sometimes I get couples coming to these sessions. Assessing your mobility for a certain class as well is good idea if you have limitations or injuries or illness The classes are 75 minutes designed and customized for your needs they are covered by some health plans too if for Therapeutic Yoga Purposes.
Cost Private: $75 plus hst up to 5 people in a group if a private group. 
Call to book your Private Yoga Session or please  send a message to contact button above 

Gentle Cancer Care Yoga
This class is a safe gentle experience for anyone with cancer recently diagnosed or going through the journey of cancer.  A slow pace and lots of easy postures to release stress and anxiety includes a guided meditation at the ending. 
Chair Yoga 
A great class to enjoy yoga an be mindful of your limitations such as recovering from illness injury MS Heart Disease , Cancer,  Mobility Issue also gentle enough for recent  surgeries, students with difficulties getting up and down off the floor in  a regular yoga class.