One Love One Heart Yoga Studio

A unique small Yoga class setting in Beeton Ontario
Offering Hatha Yoga Classes  located  within traveling distance from Alliston, Cookstown, Tottenham, Bond Head, Schomberg. 

LIVE HAPPY & HEALTHY WITH YOGA                                      Beginners Can Safely  Start The Yoga Journey with  Classes for Adults , Seniors Yoga, Teens  & Kids Pre & Postnatal Baby Yoga  Specific Needs (limitations)  and  Group and Private  Yoga Sessions. available

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Fun light hearted classes taught by fully experienced and down to earth Yoga Teachers.  The owner Catherine Clark is a  certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. RYT &  Certified Yoga Therapy Specialist.  Classes at the studio are focused on alignment and the breath as well as acceptance of any limitations a student may have.  Practicing yoga with a happy heart and  smile.  The classes are fun and so are all the teachers who share their love of YOGA who will teach you to connect to your body mind and spirit. This will help you relax and let go enjoying the practice to a deeper level.  Each class teaches you about alignment and your body, and benefits of yoga and the yogic breath and  the ways to experience pain relief from injuries, illness and arthritis. As well as emotional pain, anxiety, stress.  Yoga truly heals in ways you never imagined. 

The small classes ensure you get individual attention and a safe environment to experience Yoga safely to prevent injuries.  If your in pain find ways to get out of pain or manage your pain and gain more range of motion utilizing the breath and a positive mindset. 

The best part of Yoga  is you get  to know yourself a little bit more each time you come to the mat and find out the connection of true awareness of your body, mind and your spirit.  Yoga is a truly a journey of self discovery not just the physical postures, you will connect to  your thought process patterns, discovering your ability to be happy from the inside out.  You will find yourself living your yoga off the mat as well. 

Group interactions and the supportive environment 'Kula', which means, 'community' or 'family' in Sanskrit is It is a place where we can be ourselves and connect to our hearts. 'Community' is at the core of the studio where we gather with similar yearnings of the heart is a way in which we can all grow together. We all come to the yoga mat because we share similar interests and beliefs. We all feel the connection. 
*Let;s Get Together And Feel Alright.*.  Hence One Love One Heart

 Yoga will change your life, it will help you sleep better, deal with stress and reduce anxiety, connect you to the happy place that is inside. 

Follow your heart, Happiness is a choice.  

Namaste  Catherine Clark   Looking forward to seeing  you on the mat 

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Yoga Sessions ongoing Join anytime if space and the class will be pro-rated. 

Drop in and check out a class if your unsure or do a Private Yoga session first and discover the benefits of Yoga

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It's Not The Moments in our Life That Defines us But It is How we Define Ourselves in Those Moments
 Practicing yoga is one of the best physical and emotional healers available. Anyone can practice yoga and benefit .
                 Happiness is a choice
            Welcome to One Love One Heart Yoga
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